The Operating Computer

Easy operation and direct distribution of data

Operating and Presentation Computer

The CFME operator controls and monitors the New Generation (NG) system through a 10.5 inch rugged touchscreen computer. The NG system is windows-based for ease of operation and integration with optional equipment, e.g. GPS system with a map view, ambient and surface temperature sensors and a GPRS modem for live data via the internet!

Access to the NG system is acquired by a login security system (personal ID/code). There are four levels of access for the operator, depending on what tasks are assigned by the administrator. The NG system records all calibration actions and friction measurements by operator name and date!

Communication, between the operator’s PC and the measurement computer, is transferred via wireless Bluetooth (a proven robust communication technique). An electrical cable connection from the CFME trailer to the towing vehicle is not required!

Measurement Display / Data Formats

The operator chooses how to view the collected data: Tabular format, Graph format or as a color-coded Map view overlaid in a mapping service application (for instance Google maps). We can incorporate a map of your choice that is specific to your infrastructure!

After a measurement run is completed, the system displays a summary which enables you to quickly overview the collected data. The operator can choose: Summary view, tabular data every 10 meters, graph view or a map view with data overlaid via GPS points on the map!

After Measurement / Easy Data Distribution

Data is automatically stored in the operating PC. Click on the Send Email button for direct distribution of data files following the measurement run to predetermined email addresses. Measure data can also be viewed in real time or historically on any computer with an internet connection!


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